I do not know the "secret sauce" behind Mission WOW's marketing. I just know it works.. We were able to easily contact numerous business owners and grow our company.
Joey Anderson
Vice President of Business Track Realty
As the marketing manager for The Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation a big part of my job is to continually reach out to local businesses. We tried standard broadcast media (TV, radio, print) as well as paid advertising with social media outlets. However, we received our best results when we reached out to businesses directly using Mission WOW Marketing system. They enabled us to reach far more restaurants and other small businesses than ever before
Issac Mance
Marketing Manager
We were looking for away to reach coaches and athletic trainers at Colleges and Universities. It turned out Mission WOW Marketing was the easiest way to reach them directly. We will definitely continue to use them.
James Meaders
President of Coaches Central